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What to get my artist girlfriend for christmas

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Noel Burun has synesthesia and hypermnesia: he sees words in vibrant explosions of colors and shapes, which collide and commingle to form a memory so bitingly perfect that he can remember everything, from the stories of The Arabian Nights to the color of his bib as a toddler. But for all his mnemonic abilities, he is confronted every day with a reality that is as sad as it is ironic: his beloved mother, Stella, is stricken with Alzheimer's disease, her memory slowly slipping into the quicksands of oblivion. The Memory Artists follows Noel, helped by a motley cast of friends, on his quest to find a cure for his mother's affliction. The results are at the same time darkly funny, quirkily inventive, and very moving. Alternating between third-person narratives and the diaries of Noel and Stella, Jeffrey Moore weaves a story filled with fantastic characters and a touch of suspense that gets at the very heart of what it means to remember and forget, and that is a testament to the uplifting power of family and friendship.



Gifts for Girlfriends

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The mind of an artist works a little differently from, say, your great uncle Ralph the plumber or cousin Liz the accountant with her collection of dog sweaters. Photoshop Toolbar Keychain. True power in the modern world lies with whoever can decipher the arcane symbols contained on this laser-engraved keychain.

For those that harness the tools of PhotoShop can transform the fabric of digital reality itself. Armed with this skillset, one can create, splice, and alter images that to the human eye are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Yes, the graphic designers of the world are a powerful and fearsome clan indeed. Let this be their calling card. Business Lessons For Artists. If left to their own devices, most artists will end up going one of a few sad routes: homeless, pyramid scheme, or Hitler. Digital Color Sensor. This handy device has a million possible uses for artists, from capturing colors in the real world for use in digital artwork, to redecorating their home. A great gift for painters, designers, digital artists and illustrators.

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription. Artists often have their head in the clouds, which is also where they should be accessing their new suite of creative tools from Adobe. Camera Lucida Drawing Tool. From there, all the artist needs to do is trace the projected image and, voila, another masterpiece accurate down to the last detail. Digital Art Museum. Poseable Art History Models. Now you can finally make The Thinker throw his hands up in surrender to the unknowable.

Now you can see the Vitruvian Man do the Macarena. With these models, history finally comes alive. The greatest innovation in stippling since…well maybe the only innovation in stippling. If the artist you know happens to have shaky hands or a serious coffee addiction , then they may already be a stippling machine, but for the rest of us there is the Pointillist Electronic Pen.

Frustrated Artist T-Shirt. The simple scene on this t-shirt stands as a metaphor for countless hapless moments in the life of a true artist. In fact, such moments serve as a sort of badge of authentication. Not everyone who does such stupid things is an artist, but almost all artists do such stupid things with regularity. For centuries artisans have toiled away, diligently refining their skills until becoming masters, so that they can create exquisitely detailed work of the highest craftsmanship.

Even houses. The kind people live in. But 3d printing can be used for all kinds of smaller things as well, from artistic models to home furnishings. And 3d printers are really fun to play with. If you know someone who needs a new hobby to keep them out of trouble, this could be just the thing.

If you're having a hard time figuring out what to get them, why not just let them create what they want themselves? These hand held 3D printers have advanced a lot since they were introduced and the prices have come down. Fair warning, you may end up getting some less than beautiful plastic gifts from them in return at your next holiday or birthday party.

Looking for a really bright idea? A light box is a great gift for artists who draw and sketch. These LED light boxes are thin and portable, can last more than 50, hours, and stay cool to the touch. Digital Paper Sketch Pad. Drawing on a computer has its advantages but will never have the feel of drawing with pencil and paper.

This thingamajig bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds and enables artists to digitally edit and enhance their traditionally hand-drawn artwork. The pad also works well with iOS and Android tablets or mobile devices. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook. Artists and writers often keep notebooks filled with ideas and doodles. If you know one that has boxes and boxes full of old notebooks, then this smart digital notebook may be the perfect gift.

Once the notebook pages are full, they just erase the physical copies, by putting the Pocketbook into the microwave. After being nuked the pages are blank again and they can fill it back up. If the artist you know has a show at a gallery coming up, this handy picture hanging tool is just what they need. Hanging lots of pictures of varying sizes on a wall and having it look neat and evenly spaced is a challenge.

This tool includes 6 feet of tape measure, a built-in level, and will mark the wall to tell them exactly where the nails should go. Mini da Vinci Machines. Later on, some of those silly ideas matured into aircraft drawings that happened to be centuries ahead of their time.

To this day they stand as a testament to the power of letting your imagination run off and do its own thing. Creating art on the computer as opposed to the canvas opens up a new range of creative possibilities. This digital canvas and stylus gives artists the feel of traditional drawing and painting combined with the power of modern technology.

The cost of this thingamajig is minimal compared to buying paints, brushes and canvases for each new work of art. In the right hands, a color wheel is like a recipe book for beautiful design. There are actually a lot of cool tricks that can be achieved by placing certain colors beside each other, as Jasper Johns explored in his work in the s. For example, did you know that you can make one color look like two different colors? Or make two different colors appear as if they were exactly the same?

There is a science behind it all, about how your brain interprets sensory input, but let the artist worry about that. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug. Decades after he passed away, the immortal soul of Bob Ross lives on, mostly through PBS and small-time t-shirt manufacturers. This heat changing mug lets you watch Bob work his oil paint magic without even moving his brush.

In fact, this is like the bottom layer of the pyramid. And the whole pyramid will fall on your head. Water Drawing Board. Inspiration is fleeting, and art trends come and go. Help the artist you know embrace the impermanence of their creations with this Zen water canvas. Water is brushed on the absorbent canvas, leaving beautiful gray marks that evaporate and completely disappear within minutes, reminding the artist that their best ideas are yet to come.

Solar Engraver. There are lots of methods of heat engraving. Works almost instantly, like magic. Starry Night Umbrella. Replace the cold, miserable rainy sky with one of the great paintings in human history. The perfect gift for anyone who likes looking on the bright side, and finding art in unexpected places. Metal Balloon Dog Sculpture. Blick Gift Card. Offer them respite from their financial trials in the form of a gift card.

Original Artwork. Commission an original work by a local artist or find a starving artist online who is hungry for a sale. The gift will be sincerely appreciated by everyone involved. Instant Photo Printer For Phone. If you know an artist that likes to draw or paint from photographs, this instant printer may be just the thing they need.

Sure they could use their desktop computer, but this is a whole lot easier and they can take it anywhere. Sensory Deprivation Session. Artists are always searching the world for inspiration, but the most amazing discoveries are really inside their creative minds.

Treat them to a sensory depravation experience and let their minds wander the Cosmos in search of beauty and truth. Desktop Laser Cutter. A desktop laser cutter is vying to become the modern power tool of choice for arts and crafts folk, along with anyone else who just likes making stuff.

Download or create patterns to make all kinds of useful and decorative objects from a variety of materials, including metal, cardboard, plastic, wood, leather, and even food. Monthly Art Project Subscription. Smart Art is an art project in a box, delivered monthly to their door. Each box will contain everything they need to create a new project. Subscription to Art Magazine. In fact, folk wisdom has it that a weird magazine and a bottle of whiskey is all it takes to make a genius.

Solar Photography Kit. With this solar photography kit, common household and nature items can be turned into beautiful and slightly unsettling images by placing them on top of the included fabric or paper and exposing them to sunlight.

20 Creative Gifts for Artists That Are Inspiring and Useful

Skip to main content Gifts for Artists. Currently unavailable. Soooo adorable. My artist sister adored these when she got them from me as a gift.

This one is a useful yet cool little product to give to an artist. These paints are a way for your artist girlfriend to turn the whole household into her canvas.

The mind of an artist works a little differently from, say, your great uncle Ralph the plumber or cousin Liz the accountant with her collection of dog sweaters. Photoshop Toolbar Keychain. True power in the modern world lies with whoever can decipher the arcane symbols contained on this laser-engraved keychain. For those that harness the tools of PhotoShop can transform the fabric of digital reality itself. Armed with this skillset, one can create, splice, and alter images that to the human eye are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Gifts For Artist Girlfriend | Useful, Funny & Cool Gifts For Her

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Artists are known for having very good and particular taste, which usually requires a bit more thought than shopping for your L. Artist Daniele Frazier recommended a gift that she received last year and loved: Teflon-coated scissors. She suggests gifting this guidebook by illustrator Jordan Sondler, which contains advice for navigating loneliness, career, and self-love. Monkman also told us about this exhibition catalogue by Sasha Suda and Kirk Nickel, which would make a great gift for Rubens fans and those interested in the Old Masters. You could try the stacked porcelain planter the pair designed that has since been licensed to and manufactured by Areaware — and named the next status planter by us. Artist, filmmaker, and poet Himali Singh Soin told us that she regularly gives friends compasses and hourglasses as gifts. Soin suggests looking for these items at vintage markets or on Etsy , but there are plenty of affordable ones online, too. If you want to give them a gift that helps set a creative mood, Korn suggests a lovely scented candle.

The Best Gifts for Artists, According to Artists

RSS Feed. I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. As an artist myself, I can tell you that knowing people close to me support my decision to pursue art means everything , especially when one is just starting out. All this said, no matter how mysterious and complex people make us artists to be, we're honestly an easy bunch to buy presents for.

They are creative souls who enjoy a colorful life, usually.

Tanner is a confirmed bachelor, happy with fleeting relationships, until one of those women ended up She's known for putting nuanced characters in emotional situations that surprise readers to laughter. Beloved by millions, her books have been translated into 28 languages. Susan lives in Washington with her husband, two cats, and a small poodle with delusions of grandeur.

33 Perfect Gifts For Artists Who Love To Paint & Draw

Some of the best gifts for artists will appeal to their artistic and creative nature, or make their job a little more fun or comfortable. Guided City Tour. Inspiration lurks around every corner, even in your own backyard. What Would You Attempt Paperweight.

Want to send someone to art school without the financial commitment of actually sending them to art school? Either way, these gifts will encourage their creativity and celebrate their talent. This set contains everything the novice artists needs to start creating works of art. Pencils, pastels and watercolors are all here to help artistic vision flourish. And the slick case will keep everything neatly organized. Okay, that may be exaggerating, but it is pretty comprehensive…for a mug.

32 Amazing Gifts For People Who Love Drawing

Basically, you want to get something that makes it easier, or more pleasurable, for her to hone her craft like fresh art supplies, or great-looking storage items for her art studio. You could also choose a unique gift that feeds her hunger to master new techniques how about an online class with one of the most talented photographers in the world? Or maybe you just go for a fun gift that celebrates her love of color and texture, or that offers an unexpected solution for displaying her work in all its creative glory. Each set includes 12 tubes. Any artist who starts the day with the famous painter and PBS personality is clearly destined for greatness.

Sep 20, - Gifts For Artist Girlfriend | Useful, Funny & Cool Gifts For Her we believe to be the most epic and useful gifts for your beloved artist girlfriend or wife. Christmas Gifts For Fortnite Players | List Of Cool Fortnite Related Items.


28 Wonderfully Creative Gifts for Artists, Painter and Dreamers


Gifts For Artists




Gifts for Artists


Perfect Gifts for Artists on Amazon and Artist Merch Studio


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