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What to get a chinese man for christmas

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The value of a gift, as one would expect, depends on the relationship with the recipient and on the situation. Generally speaking, when visiting someone , alcohol , tea, tobacco, and fruit are considered nice gifts to say thank you to the host; health and wellness gifts, such as gloves and hats, ginseng etc, are the perfect gifts for seniors. In business , gifts are used to strengthen relationships , and the value might vary according to the situation. However, the most important rule to keep in mind is to give the most expensive gift to the most senior person in the company and to never give the same present to people of different ranks. In , online…. When giving a gift, offer it to the person with both hands, as this is seen as a sign of respect.



10 Dos and Don’ts of Gift-Giving in Chinese Culture

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One of the most fun ideas for a Christmas gift exchange at an office party or at a home party is a game commonly called Chinese Christmas. Not only that, many people find the reference to Chinese downright insulting. My personal favorite is Grinch Exchange. But please select a different name to use when you play this game… and encourage others to do the same. The game is fun, because each person gets to select a wrapped gift, unwrap it and then possibly lose it to someone else and have to select again.

When planning the party, decide how much should be spent on the gifts. Twenty to thirty dollars is usually an agreeable price since each person is buying only one gift. The amount can be more or less. All gifts should be wrapped and may I suggest you make yours look extra special.

Put the gifts together under the tree, on a table, wherever convenient. Each person selects a number from a basket or bowl to determine the order in which a person gets to select a gift.

Number 1 goes first and gets to select and unwrap a gift. Number 2 then selects. After she has finished her turn, Number 3 gets to select. Once again, she may select any opened or unopened gift. Each time a gift is taken away from someone, that person gets to select again. She may select any gift except the one that was just taken away from her.

She may however, have the opportunity to select it again later. Some gifts are occasionally more popular and may get stolen several times. The fourth person to possess it gets to keep it.

No more swiping the gift. The gift is frozen. She is actually forcing a trade. The more takeaways and turnovers there are, the more fun the game seems to be. Some of the best times have been when a particular gift gets swiped several times.

There are always lots of laughs and sometimes gifts get swiped just for the fun of it. This is especially true when men are playing. It makes the game a lot more interesting. Here are a number of useful items and gadgets with unique twists that would make great gifts for your gift exchange game. These mini gift baskets are especially good for a gift exchange because just about anybody will enjoy them. These are definitely not your average gift baskets!

Website Affiliations. Your opinion is as valid as anyone elses, so come on I love this game. My family and I play it every year. My favourite was Grinch Exchange as well. My family plays this every year. With 24 adults, we have more laughs with this game! The guys do like to stir things up a bit. Somehow it becomes more like a Liquor exchange. We stop playing this several years ago because it got out of hand because they changed the rules to unlimited steals.

People started getting mad. It seemed everyone had their own idea of what the rules were. My son in law has never played the game and has requested we play this year. Thank you for the rules because I plan to read them before we start the game this Xmas so it will be fun again. I never did like this game. We played it at one of our company Christmas party and some people got angry because there were some bigger ticket item gifts that others had the opportunity to take away.

We plan on doing this again this year on our girls night out evening. This year we are doing Christmas Ornaments.. Thanks for listing the rules. I totally agree about the name. I also prefer the name Grinch Exchange and thanks for the rules. Instead of purchasing a gift, we would pick something from our home and wrap it up! That even makes for more fun….

We play this game every year at our work Christmas party. It is a fun game but every year,, when the excitement rises with everyone wanting the prettiest wrapped gift, no one remembers the rules and how many times that item can be stolen. Thank you, Sharon. Hi, this is a great way to get together and have a great laugh. One time, we played and the worse present was a mermaid pinata, it was hillarious…. My family played this every year for several years.

It was the one part of Christmas that everyone looked forward to the most. We all have a great time, and yes, now we have many different names to choose from for this fun game. We have conducted this type of gift exchange at our work Christmas party for several years. Sometimes we set a price limit. This works when families have gotten too big to buy for everyone, so there is no extra money involved. We play with the rule that once a person has succeeded in retrieving a gift for the third time, then nobody else can take that gift from them again.

It is fun and keeps the game interesting. Its lots of Fun!! Merriest Christmas!! My favorite grinch gift happened by accident-literally. Just before the game began, we discovered a pyrex dish had been placed to warm in the oven with its plastic lid on. The lid was warped and melted, before anyone saw it, my mother quickly wrapped and placed it in the gift pile. As luck would have it, my sister the queen of pranksters was the owner of the dish.

The look on her face when the gift was opened was priceless. We play this game every year at our employee Christmas party, and it is a lot of fun. A few times it has gotten a little ugly though, when someone got mad when their gift was stolen. The more stealing, the better! My family used to play this all the time. But you could change the rule where by number 1 does not get a chance to steal a gift at the end of the game.

Then it would be over once the final unopened gift is selected. A couple of things to consider when planning to have this for a party game: Let your guests know the game will be played at a party and give out the rules in advance, before guests RSVP. Some find this game offensive maybe more than you know and should have the opportunity to not attend or at least plan to sit there and pretend to enjoy themselves. That said, if you really enjoy this tasteless, low class game, then have as much fun as you can, and try to make it that way for the rest of your guests.

A gift that was fought over, other than alcohol, was a birdfeeder and birdseed. This is a fun game. Played it a couple of years ago and I had a really nice gift taken away. Just have fun!!! Make sure you set a limit so their is no gift more expensive than another. We set our limits pretty low and you would be surpised to see what you can get for just a few bucks.

We usually set a limit of times for an exhange. Who says re-gifting is wrong. Merry Christmas everyone! This should be fun for the whole gang. I encourage each person to think up their own gift, then you have more ownership in the process. The kids especially get a kick out watching the adults interact like they were 10 years old again!

Creative and G rated gag gifts are encouraged especially with children in attendance. We added the rule that a gift can only be regifted for three years and then it has to be retired. The best gift of all is the time spent together laughing and teasing! That is when memories are made.

How to Give Great Gifts to Your Chinese Friends

One of the most fun ideas for a Christmas gift exchange at an office party or at a home party is a game commonly called Chinese Christmas. Not only that, many people find the reference to Chinese downright insulting. My personal favorite is Grinch Exchange. But please select a different name to use when you play this game… and encourage others to do the same.

Gift giving among friends stems from the value Chinese culture places on relationships and reciprocity. Exchanging gifts is part of the social glue of obligations and favors that builds friendships and gets things done in China.

The lives of early Japanese and Chinese settlers in British Columbia have come to define the Asian experience in Canada. Yet many Chinese men did not seek their destiny in British Columbia, but followed the railway east and settled in small Prairie towns and cities. The Way of the Bachelor documents the religious beliefs, political networks, and cultural practices that sustained and leant meaning to bachelors in Manitoba. In the absence of women and family, these men opened the region's first laundries and developed a new kind of restaurant - the Chinese cafe.

Christmas Gift Exchange Game - The Chinese Christmas

I accept the Privacy Policy. In China, as many countries else, gifts are usually given to show respect, gratitude, friendship, love or hospitality. It is an actual a common courtesy of the world. The etiquette of Gift-giving in China may be a little different from western countries. With a history of thousands of years, China's Etiquette has formed and been passed down generation by generation. For Chinese people, courtesy demands reciprocity, which means people who are well-mannered to others will receive kindness and favors. If they receive a gift, invitation or hospitality treatment from someone, they will offer back to the one when it is suitable.

Top 7 traditional Chinese gifts for Christmas

Lauri Robinson lives in Minnesota where she and her husband spend every spare moment with their three grown sons and their families—spoiling the grandchildren. Her favorite getaway location is along the Canadian Border of Northern Minnesota on the land homesteaded by her great-grandfather. Lynna Banning combines a lifelong love of history and literature into a satisfying career as a writer. In the past she has worked as an editor and technical writer, and has taught English and journalism. An amateur pianist and harpsichordist, Lynna performs on psaltery, harp, and recorders with two medieval music groups and coaches ensembles in her spare time.

The Chinese employ strict etiquette for gifts.

There are a whole host of considerations that go into giving the right gift--from the choice of gift to how it is wrapped and presented. No matter which end of a gift exchange you find yourself on, we have you covered. Gift-giving is also much more prevalent in Chinese workplaces than it is in the West. In fact, the practice of using lavish gift boxes of mooncakes to curry favor with bosses and clients got so out-of-hand that, in , the Chinese government had to ban the purchase of mooncakes with public funds.


Well, when it comes to men, buying something awesome for them tends to be trickier than when buying gifts for women. One has to really know the interests of the guy, and think about what would impress that special man in your life dad, son, husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend. When you're in China, you luckily have quite a few options to choose from, each unique in its own way, and guaranteed to awe him! We have listed out the top things we think make great gifts for men.

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Chinese Gifts play a major role to not only demonstrate respect to elders and superiors but also to show commitment and enthusiasm toward maintaining close relationships with family and friends. All of sudden, you are close to going to China for an internship , learning Chinese Language , travel, Teach or even get a full-time Job and then you remember keeping a good relationship with the locals is needed for you to enjoy living in China. The most frequent gift giving scenarios may be thanking your homestay family, birthdays gifts, Chinese New Year or even gifts to inlaws. Aside from knowing about the concept of Face Mianzi and avoiding cultural shocks , you will need to master the art of giving in order to make good friends and keep stronger bonds. Several of my friends do ask me what American gifts are best for Chinese and I thought this article will be a great guide for giving gifts to Chinese.

Meaningful Gifts for Chinese Friends


Nov 19, - What are appropriate gifts to give to Chinese people and why? used in China and hard to come by, so a Chinese person wouldn't expect a received, in nine years of living in China were Christmas cards from students.


Buying Gifts from China for Him


Chinese Gift Giving Etiquette: Top 5 Must Follow Rules




Chinese Etiquette: Gift-Giving



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