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Being a single mother was, up until a few years ago, an issue. Nowadays, being a single mother has become a personal choice that does not imply being lonely: the new singles who come to our consultation count with broad friend and family support, which is essential for the development of maternity as a personal project. In Spain, one in every five reproduction treatments is performed on single women. According to M. How did you find out about us?

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IVF and Egg Donation in Spain

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Being a single mother was, up until a few years ago, an issue. Nowadays, being a single mother has become a personal choice that does not imply being lonely: the new singles who come to our consultation count with broad friend and family support, which is essential for the development of maternity as a personal project.

In Spain, one in every five reproduction treatments is performed on single women. According to M. How did you find out about us? I have read and accept the following conditions.

Free video consultation. Why is the number of single women who wish to become mothers increasing? The difficulties many single-parent families are faced with when trying to adopt, both nationally and internationally. They are mature women ranging between ages 30 and They have voluntarily chosen single motherhood due to professional reasons or to the lack of the right partner.

An acceptable purchasing power despite being the only source of income at home. Ability to combine work and school days. They live close to their family, school, or work, and usually live in big cities. They are autonomous and independent, with a great emotional balance.

They are confident and have initiative. They represent the motherhood experience as a self-realization project.

Single women

Spain is the most popular IVF destination for international IVF patients nowadays — in fact, it has been ever since it passed its reproductive legislation in When it comes to fertility treatments, Spain offers safe, reliable and exceptionally high levels of medical standards. Liberal legislation allows for a wide range of fertility treatment procedures, regardless of marital status and sexual orientation.

Food, Health and Wellness. If you want to have children, whether it is your first child or would like to expand your family, you might be looking for help with fertility treatments in Spain. Thankfully, science nowadays is advanced enough to help future parents where nature is not collaborating.

The current legislation on assisted reproduction techniques and the techniques that we have in our clinics now makes it possible for the woman who wants to be a mother to be one without having a partner. Here you can find testimonials of other women who were in the same situation as you and the techniques we use in cases like yours. They will tell you everything you need to know. We hope that soon other women will be able to read your testimonial here. It had always been clear to me that I wanted to be a mother.

IVF Treatment

Why is it that so many people seeking fertility treatment abroad make the decision to travel to a fertility clinic in Spain? We take a look at some of the reasons, the treatments that are available and in particular at the latest advances in techniques for In Vitro Fertilisation IVF in Spain. The high level of interest in IVF Europe trips and especially a growing awareness of the benefits of fertility treatment in Spain certainly have a lot to do with the success of IVI, the largest Assisted Reproduction group in the world. As global leaders in reproductive medicine, we currently have more than 65 clinics in 12 countries around the world plus an alliance with NOVA clinics in India. The majority of these are in Spain, 31 of them at the latest count, with branches in major cities throughout the country. To date, patients from over countries have chosen IVI for their fertility treatment, and many of them opt for an IVI fertility clinic in Spain. Their reasons are all as individual as the patients themselves, but in general we hear a lot about frustration with waiting times. He also notes that over the next 12 months we anticipate that the numbers of UK patients will continue to rise as the anonymity of donors remains a very attractive prospect for many people.

Why do patients from all over the world come to our clinic in Spain?

Despite being one of the most financially secure parts of the world, Europe has long been in a recession when it comes to birth rates. The birth rate in Europe has been a gradually declining figure for many years, and it does mean that, for many Europeans, the choice to have a child is one that is often put off. Europe was the continent with the lowest fertility rate of any. Europe came last on the Total Fertility Rate index and shows yet another clear sign of proof that European fertility is a lasting problem. This has become among the most popular forms of fertility correction treatment today.

A particular marital status: In some countries, a single woman, either without a male partner or with a female partner or even an unmarried couple, cannot undergo an Assisted Reproduction Treatment. In Spain, the marital status or sexual orientation of the patient is not taken into account.

Two circles appear on a computer screen as a doctor in scrubs sits with her head curled over a microscope. Beside her a woman peers over from an operating bed, her feet in stirrups. A thick tear rolls down her face.

Why do patients from all over the world come to our clinic in Spain?

All you need to know about fertility treatment abroad , costs, the efficacy of IVF procedures and — the most important — legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in 8 European countries. Download 55 pages PDF guide now! Being a modern and developed European country with the healthcare systems among the very best in the world, it offers safety, reliability and exceptionally high quality of IVF treatment standards.

It was established in and currently performs over 1, treatment cycles per year data from The entire clinic has been designed to create an atmosphere that inspires peace and calm — from the colours on the walls to the furniture, everything has been chosen to alleviate any stress and enhance feelings of comfort and positivity, especially for patients who come from abroad and may be insecure about having treatment in a different country. Quality patient care is paramount at the clinic, therefore, all patients have their personal patient care assistant who helps them and guides them through their fertility journey in their own native language. There is also a team of international doctors, so there is usually no need for translation during the consultations: doctors speak the same language as patients. IVF-Spain specializes in difficult infertility cases. They use all their know-how to devise personalized treatments for each and every patient.

What do I need to know about fertility clinics in Spain?

IVF treatments are indicated to women who have their fallopian tubes blocked or in case assisted insemination has not been successful. In order to undergo an IVF treatment, the patient has to receive hormonal therapy. The hormonal therapy allows the women to develop more eggs than she would have in a natural cycle normally one or two. This therapy lasts for days, starting at the beginning of the menstruation period. While taking this therapy, the patient needs to do a series of ultrasounds to control the growth and number of follicles in her ovaries, which contain the oocytes. When the follicles reach the optimal size, the egg retrieval takes place. The egg retrieval consists on extracting the eggs with a needle through the vagina. The procedure is controlled with an ultrasound.

Jul 9, - The decision meant single women and lesbians had to pay an average of around €1, ($1,) for artificial insemination in the private sector.

IVF-Spain truly knows what it takes to help women achieve their dreams of motherhood and performs over IVF cycles per year. With 3 clinics in 3 different places, they are a step above the rest. With 3 clinics at their disposal, they have no shortage of experts who are eager to achieve the best possible results when it comes to infertility treatment and IVF. They have a clinic in Alicante, Madrid and San Sebastian, meaning you are spoilt for choice when it comes to which beautiful city you wish to visit and have your treatment in.

IVF in Spain

Sing Up and Ask Questions Live. Most people from abroad come to Spain for egg donation or embryo donation. There are many fertility clinics in Spain and the vast majority are private. They are located throughout Spain and travel is very easy as many budget airlines fly to these destinations.

Strong, empowered, with a University Degree and with a job that offers financial independence. This is the profile of the patients who decide to face their maternity alone or also known as single mothers by choice. Planned single motherhood is a social phenomenon that is increasing every year. This is a logical result, and numbers will probably keep increasing, if we value the change in mentality with the breaking down of taboos and the statistics that indicate the increase in the maternal age for having a first child.

One of the best-known fertility treatments is in vitro fertilisation, also known as IVF, a technique whereby an egg is extracted from the uterus and then, fertilised in the laboratory in vitro with semen from the partner or donor. The ovaries are stimulated to obtain several ovules, which are extracted using ovarian puncture and then, once fertilised in the laboratory, are implanted in the uterus to achieve pregnancy.

IVI offer a range of treatments for single women that wish to have a baby using assisted reproduction. The supportive clinic staff will guide you through the process with a view to fulfilling your goal of becoming a mother. The most common treatments performed for single women are intrauterine insemination IUI using semen from a donor or in vitro fertilisation IVF , egg and sperm donation or the donation of pre-embryos. When finding a donor, the clinic can provide only non-identifiable information such as:.



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