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By Currie Engel on February 5, From the great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton to the first female firefighter in New York, the board of directors is a veritable history lesson in activism. The three women gather around a small table, long dresses trailing the floor, hair pulled back from their faces. One holds a pen, the others lean towards her. The board of directors is a veritable history lesson in activism. Their push to get the statue was a long and hard one.

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By Currie Engel on February 5, From the great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton to the first female firefighter in New York, the board of directors is a veritable history lesson in activism.

The three women gather around a small table, long dresses trailing the floor, hair pulled back from their faces. One holds a pen, the others lean towards her. The board of directors is a veritable history lesson in activism. Their push to get the statue was a long and hard one. And it all started with an old Polish king and a phone call. In , Coline Jenkins, a Connecticut legislator, author, and television producer, answered a call from a man who was trying to get in touch with a descendant of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Jenkins happens to be the great-great-granddaughter of the famous suffragist. The man, Gary Ferdman, a retired non-profit executive, and his wife, Dr. Myriam Miedzian, a writer and former philosophy professor, had an idea they wanted to talk to Jenkins about. After many walks through their beloved Central Park, Miedzian says she found herself wondering what the King Jiaello Monument was doing in the park.

The huge statue of a medieval Polish king atop his horse seemed odd to her. So the curious couple did some research on Central Park statues, and stumbled upon a glaring fact: there were no statues of real women.

Although there were fictional female figures, not a single one of the 23 statues in the park was of a historical female.

They wanted to change that, and Jenkins was game to help. Jenkins, now vice president of Monumental Women, says she understands the importance of public monuments. Miedzian and Ferdman, now vice president and director at Monumental Women respectively, had a solution. Anthony Statue Fund was born. So when Jenkins, a longtime friend, called her up, Elam was interested.

After decades in the legislative world, Elam would prove essential in wrangling their statue into being. It also helped that Jenkins had experience in this realm. The group had to meet with various government committees, departments, and community boards—every community district that touched Central Park—to get approval.

Only now, after seven years of bureaucratic red tape, is Monumental Women finally getting a statue. But it took a lot of work. So instead, Jenkins took matters into her own hands. Silver told Jenkins he would look into it. A week later, the group received a two page letter giving a description of possible sites for the statue.

And although it would take many more meetings and legislative backbends to get all the permissions they needed, the first step—arguably the hardest—was out of the way. With 12 directors on their board, the non-profit usually has meetings once a month. She says she spends time on the non-profit every day. It relies on Girl Scouts selling cookies to donate to the statue fund in Central Park, handing out fliers, and shouting and jumping around. It relies on public officials like Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, who Elam and Jenkins say supported the effort from the beginning.

It relies on Commissioner Silver, on the thousand individual donors who contributed to raise the money, and on donations from big organizations like New York Life Insurance and the Ford Foundation. While Monumental Women mostly focused on the statue for the past seven years, the group will announce future plans at the unveiling celebration in August.

Among these ventures include an app with a feature that makes the statue interactive. It has less to do with medieval times, but rather it symbolizes the beginning of WW II.

When the Nazis invaded Poland, the statue was unable to return home. The exiled Polish government gifted the sculpture to New York City in as a symbol of the courageous Polish people. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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His vision for the group is to ensure that the voices and experiences of women living with HIV are well reflected in health policies and programmes, so that the respect for human rights and gender equality remain the grounding principles for the HIV and broader health agendas. The group comprises a diverse set of members representing women living with HIV from around the world.

Enjoy a walk, join nice conversations, and meet old and new friends. It was a true pleasure to see so many of you at the AGM. Latest statistics give us hope, but we understand we need to be careful and pay attention how we […]. Read More.

Meet Monumental Women, the Group Behind Central Park’s First Statue of a Woman

A family tragedy two years ago led Mississauga's Sharron Richardson to make a life changing decision. She decided to live life passionately. It was at this moment that Richardson took stock of her own life, realizing that at age 40, she was a single mother with no real social network. Story continues below. The Fabulous 40 West End Women Meet Up group now boasts more than members of all different backgrounds and professions who meet on a regular basis to enjoy coffee, dinner, plays and trips Last night, the group gathered at the Old Barber House restaurant in Streetsville for one of their more popular events — the Little Black Dress Dinner. To the Fabulous 40 West End Women, it is also a symbol of empowerment, strength and being fabulous. The members dress to the nines, in black cocktail dresses, to enjoy a glass of wine together and an evening of carefree fun and friendship. Health and wellness consultant Gina Pitton of Mississauga quickly found she enjoyed the camaraderie when she joined the group 18 months ago. She is a member of several other similar groups in the city, but finds the Fabulous 40 West End Women to be the most enjoyable.

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Sue Russell. Conversion, Identity, and Power examines how the introduction of the church as a new social institution affects social exchanges, power relationships, and social identity in the Tagal communities. Sue Russell uses resources, control of resources, and social exchanges to obtain these resources, from Richard Adams' definition of social power forms as a framework for studying the impact of this new social institution. She focuses on the two key power relationships in Tagal society: the relationships formed to gain supernatural resources, and the relationship between wife-giver and wife-taker formed through the payment of bridewealth. Russell explains that Christianity offered a superior source for supernatural knowledge and abilities, which have social value in Tagal society.

I am your Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

These are our office policies developed to best serve our clients in a timely and efficient manner. Please read over this information so you can be best prepared for your appointment. Before each appointment, we will ask you to provide us with and update your information.

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For close to 20 years after a supercyclone ravaged Odisha, a group of women along the coast has been standing sentinel over their beloved storm-shielding forest and mangrove cover. Deftly swinging and beating their sturdy bamboo sticks, 75 women in Gundalba village in the famed temple district of Puri in the Mahanadi delta have been taking turns to literally blow the whistle on potential timber smugglers and tree cutters in this sandy strip of the coastal woodland. Anyone with an intent to harm the local biodiversity flees on hearing our whistle and the banging of our sticks on tree trunks. Biswal is the secretary of the Pir Jahania Van Surakhya Samiti , nurtured by women who came together voluntarily in response to the devastation after the Odisha supercyclone battered the northern Indian Ocean.

Coffee tastes better when you have company. See you there! This year will be an extraordinary event. At am — hr Entry is open to all. Bring along your friends and family and have fun together. It is the fact that this theme is loved by more than o customers around the world.



Dear members, please attend the virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The International Women's Club of Riga (IWCR), and elect the new IWCR Board for.


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