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How to see notifications on iphone x without unlocking

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The iPhone defaults to showing message previews on the lock screen of iOS, revealing the sender name and message content text. Because of potential privacy ramifications, many users turn off message previews on the lock screen which hides the message content, but then to read the full message users have to go to the Message app, right? Not entirely. Devices equipped with Touch ID can reveal the hidden message preview directly from the lock screen simply by authenticating without unlocking the device, and without having to open the messages app at all. In order to use this trick you will need two basic configurations: the iPhone or iPad must have Touch ID enabled and in use, and the iOS device must have lock screen message previews turned off in iOS Settings. Beyond that it is simply a usage habit adjustment as follows:.

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How to Use iPhone Gestures to Navigate Your New iPhone X

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The Lock screen, which shows the current time and date and your most recent notifications, appears when you turn on or wake iPhone. From the Lock screen, you can see notifications, open Camera and Control Center, get information from your favorite apps at a glance, and more. You can quickly access the features and information you need most from the Lock screen, even while iPhone is locked. From the Lock screen, do any of the following:.

Open Camera: Swipe left. See Take photos with the camera on iPhone. See Use and customize Control Center on iPhone. See earlier notifications: Swipe up from the center. See View and respond to notifications on iPhone. See Today View: Swipe right. See View and organize Today View on iPhone. To choose what you can access from the Lock screen, see Change access to items when iPhone is locked. Notification previews include text from Messages, lines from Mail messages, and details about Calendar invitations.

Access features and information from the Lock screen You can quickly access the features and information you need most from the Lock screen, even while iPhone is locked. From the Lock screen, do any of the following: Open Camera: Swipe left. Tap Show Previews, then tap Always.

12+ things you can do with a locked iPhone

Video: For the iPhone X, the price is a whole lot more than the sum of the parts. I've had the iPhone X for over two weeks now, and I still think it's as good as a smartphone can get right now. Between the design, the camera, the display, and Face ID's ease of use, I have very little to complain about with the iPhone X. Naturally, there are a few settings I've changed to make the phone work how I expect it to, such as the Reachability feature. I used it a lot on my iPhone 7 Plus, and there are times when it makes life easier on the iPhone X.

With so much focus on staying productive , it may surprise you to realize just how many things you can do with a locked iPhone. What can you do and how can you switch these features off? You can call people from a locked iPhone.

Thanks to Face ID, the iPhone X knows when its owner is looking at it, and can hide the content of your notifications until you do so. Now, if somebody else picks up your iPhone X and takes a peek at your incoming alerts, it will only see a list of the apps that have notifications for you. The content of the alerts remains hidden until you look at the screen, and Face ID expands the boxes to show you your messages. The twist is that you can already do something very similar with Touch ID, just by changing one setting. By default, iPhones prior to X show previews on their alerts.

Access features from the iPhone Lock screen

The takeaway: This post will cover many of the actions you can complete using iPhone gestures:. To do so, the home button that controlled a lot of navigation features on previous models had to go. The home button may be gone but its functionality lives on in a lot of intuitive new iPhone gestures. Unlocking a sleeping phone is a tricky balancing act. With Face ID, just glance at the screen to securely unlock your phone. Setting up Face ID will also help your complete purchases on your phone with Apple Pay and allow you to sign in to apps. Even without the home button, the swipe gesture on the iPhone X makes it easy to see notifications like missed calls, texts and calendar reminders. Rather than having to close out of one app, go to the home screen and find your email, you can just use iPhone gestures to scroll through all your open apps. To switch between apps, just swipe right along the bottom of the screen on the iPhone X. On the iPhone X, you can use a simple gesture to access this information.

How to Reveal Hidden Message Previews with Touch ID on iPhone Lock Screen

We all love the ability to pick up our phone and see notifications on the lock screen. It lets us know if those last few alerts are something we need to act on, or if we can put our phone back down and focus on what we were doing. Notifications on the lock screen used to be a double-edged sword. They're convenient, but anyone could just pick up your phone and see the content of your text messages or the start of every email you receive.

The Lock screen, which shows the current time and date and your most recent notifications, appears when you turn on or wake iPhone.

If you've been away from your iPhone screen and are eager to catch up with what's new, the Notification Center is a great place to start. Apple makes it a particularly easy menu to access, whether your phone is locked or unlocked. And it's the best way to view notifications that you may have initially missed.

My favorite iPhone X feature: Hidden notifications

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. The iPhone is a notification machine. Left unchecked, it will ping you about every little thing from every single app, all day long.

Notifications in iOS 12 and later and iPadOS make it even easier to view and manage multiple notifications at once — helping you reduce interruptions throughout the day. You can also do these things from the Lock screen:. The Notification Center shows your notifications history, allowing you to scroll back and see what you've missed. There are two ways to see your alerts from the Notification Center:. You can also tap Settings to change your alert styles or alert settings for a specific app. Change alert styles To add or change an alert style for a notification:.

Use notifications on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Nov 20, - The first time you look at notifications on the iPhone X, you might be in for It unlocked my phone and the notification details filled in without me.


iOS 11: How to hide sensitive info in notification previews







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