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Moving to a new city with friends and family by your side is hard enough — but moving to a new city alone can feel impossible. And if you plan on using a form of underground transportation service? Forget about it. Scope out info about the city beyond the standard tourist information with Reddit.

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Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. One of the questions I get asked most often is how I make so many friends while traveling on my own. You can meet people while traveling, even if you are an introvert. If I can do it, you can. I originally wrote this post in , back when I was a hardcore backpacker, and times have changed since then.

Far from it. What is a multi-day trip? Tours that last a few days and are part of a longer trip. I find that adding a multi-day trip helps me make a lot more friends while traveling. I highly recommend tours with G Adventures , and they have trips all over the world.

Sailing Down the Coast of Belize. Please hear me out. Hostels these days are SO much better than they used to be, and a social hostel is very different from a party hostel. Most hostels have private rooms these days, and lots are adding luxurious amenities. They cater to mid-range and budget travelers who like getting good value for money.

And you know what? But I do continue to stay in beautiful, interesting, even luxurious hostels. And many of these hostels have been some of the best places to meet people while traveling.

I stay in a private room but I hang out in the lounge and sign up for activities through the hostel. That picture above was taken at Gallery Hostel in Porto, Portugal, one of my favorite hostels on the planet. Gallery Hostel is absolutely gorgeous and has the most comfortable beds — but where they shine is the group activities. You can join in a cheap group dinner, or do a port tasting, or go on a free city tour, or have a cinema night at the hostel. How do you find hostels like these? Hostel lounges are where I met so many of my friends.

Just one thing: do your research and try not to book a notorious party hostel, like Kabul in Barcelona or The Flying Pig in Amsterdam. Whether you do an adventure sports activity, like bungee jumping in New Zealand, or a food activity, like a pastry tour of New York, you inevitably end up getting to know some new people while traveling.

Where do you find activities? Other than that, you can find a ton of tours and activities on Viator. I find that some activities are better for making friends than others. Physical activities, especially adrenaline-rushing activities like whitewater rafting or bungee jumping, have a way of bonding you as a group! Alcohol-focused activities like cocktail tours add a lot of social lubrication, too.

It seems like tons of activities naturally progress to the bar afterward. I recommend looking for organized bar crawls or cocktail tours to join. These will help you meet people in the same mindset, and alcohol makes most people more talkative and friendly. Otherwise, look for scheduled events — like the Sunday Funday party in San Juan del Sur, which is part pool party and part bar crawl on the laziest day of the week.

Some bars have trivia nights or poker nights; others have theme nights. How to Travel Solo to a Party Destination. Couchsurfing is WAY more than just free accommodation! Couchsurfing is a great resource for local meetups. These meetups are for both locals and whoever happens to be passing through, and most major cities have a weekly Couchsurfing meetup.

They are a great place to meet well-traveled people. Beyond that, most people who have Couchsurfing profiles are interested in meeting new people. How I made friends Couchsurfing: My first solo trip ever was to Buenos Aires in and I was nervous about meeting people while traveling. Before I arrived, I connected with tons of Couchsurfers. Once I landed, I was invited to club nights out, birthday parties, concerts, and even a Thanksgiving dinner!

I met tons of people the first night and was treated like a long-lost friend the rest of my time there. That being said, destination subreddits are a great place to meet people while traveling. New York, for example, has a subreddit for impromptu meetups, as well as a weekly meetup at the Peculier Pub that all are welcome to join.

As always, read through the sidebar before posting in the group. I recommend keeping things casual. My fellow introverts, I know making a request to a stranger like that can be terrifying! I dropped him an email and he invited me out dancing! But there are lots of different ways to do this. How I meet people who are into the same activities: Wherever I go, I meet up with fellow travel bloggers — and sometimes even my readers.

Can you use Tinder while traveling? Is it safe for a woman to use Tinder and date while traveling? Here is what I recommend:. Clarify to yourself what your expectations are before you start swiping, and remember that you can always change your mind. Get a local SIM card. It helps to always be able to call an Uber or cab if you need one, and not rely on wifi.

Keep a friend at home up-to-date on your plans. Get the WhatsApp or other contact info of your date, and send that to her along with his photos. Check in before, during, and after the date. Keep an eye on your drinks. Remember that you can always say no. Even if he paid for everything. Even if he seems like a nice guy. It actually turned into a really fun night!

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women. In these places, you can absolutely make friends — I just recommend going with one of the previously mentioned methods. In Newfoundland, I gabbed up a storm with a couple I met on a dining adventure. In Bali, I met a local girl and she invited me out to a white party with all her friends. Read more of my solo travel advice here. Great post and some really good advice. I think being alone makes it even easier to make friends, in fact, it can be hard to get time alone when your travelling solo because people are always conscious that they should make an effort to include you.

If I see a person sat in a bar by themselves I would always make an effort to have a little chat. I found that travelling as part of a couple can sometimes be the hardest way to meet people. And then groups of guys or groups of girls rarely approach a couple.

The simple answer is go for beers when people are going. It happens every night and is a sure win. This post was very reassuring. So if u r in sunny Malaysia or south east Asia, you are welcome to look me up and let me show you around.!!! Yep, Kate, you got the point. I think this is the number one question people have when heading off for a solo trip… and you answered it well! I guess I always just thought you can easily make friends for all the reason you mentioned however though most of them as fly by night.

You meet them and then a few days later they are gone. Possibly never to see or hear from again. That thought is what would get a me the most not so much as traveling alone. This advice is great and I love hearing your stories. Definitely giving me inspiration for my future travels! Well I just found out about your blog, and I really like it, as I also am a solo female traveler. Log in in Bangkok on a Saturday night, just after most people have started to go out. All I have to say.

Awesome post! So few people use couchsurfing but I just love it! Met up with some fun locals in hawaii that seriously made my trip! I was surprised how easy it was to meet people and even more surprised and how quickly you can bond with a stranger! HI, I am a regular reader of your blog and love to read you.

8 Tips to Make Moving to a New City Alone a Fresh Start

Sure, you probably still meet a lot of people through your job or just being out and about, but the kinds of deep relationships that came so easily in childhood are rarer to come by as you age. If you want to make friends after you move, you have to be willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit. There are a number of free apps that make it easier to connect with people and look for new friends the same way you might look for a new romantic partner. Use an app like Nextdoor to get better acquainted with your neighborhood and the people in it or check out MeetMe or We3 and pair up with likeminded people who live nearby.

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How to Start Over in a New City: 6 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

In February , I moved from Nashville to Denver. It was the first major, permanent move I made after graduating college, and I learned a lot. Before you can move, you need a destination. In many cases, someone else will make this decision. But if you know that you want to move and are trying to decide where to go, keep reading. How do you decide where to go? Some people find large cities stimulating and exciting. Others find them stressful and overwhelming.

Shasta Nelson: How to make good friends and keep them

Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. One of the questions I get asked most often is how I make so many friends while traveling on my own. You can meet people while traveling, even if you are an introvert.

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How to Make Friends and Meet People While Traveling

You have friends, but none of them can relate to your freakouts relating to an upcoming comic convention or the newest episodes of an anime. So, where do these mysterious nerds and geeks lurk? Sign up for an anime-watching session, trivia night, or even a group trip to see the latest Marvel movie.

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Aaron Swartz

Here at Livability, we focus a lot on where to move: the best cities to find a job , the best places for travel addicts , the Top Best Places to Live in America , etc. Being surrounded by newness is thrilling. When you move to a new place, every moment of every day brings a sense of discovery and surprise. New people! New restaurants! New smells and sights and sounds!

Anyone in their late 20s, moved to a new city, and struggling to make new friends? What are some good resources to help with this? Are a lot of people still.

Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, we all know it can be hard to make new friends. That's why it's good to keep in mind unexpected ways to make friends as an adult — because let's be real: Sometimes we all need a good group of people we can trust and have fun with. Even if you weren't the so-called "popular" kid in school, it's safe to say we all had some friends as adolescents, and likely made new friends when we went to college, studied abroad, got our first jobs, or so on.

Starting over in a new city? You're probably excited, nervous, bursting with anxiety. You might also be super stressed — how will you do in a strange place all by your lonesome?

And yet, the millions of people who post, observe, and return day after day have enshrined it as a sacred part of their lives. How can you make your company's community feel so connected? Watch the Clock. The number one piece of advice Martin has for community managers: Be very thoughtful about where you invest your time.





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