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Dinner was a lot different now that Shawn lived with them in a whole new apartment. And we just went over notes in Chemistry so it was really easy and relaxed. Lunch was great, as usual ever since they got that new lunch lady. And Mr. Also, Spanish just seems to get easier for me.

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Anonymous asked: Could you do one where there in taxes at the campfire and after Lucas moment thing she realizes her feelings for female reader? I hope it was to your liking!

You watched Maya walk away after Lucas agreed to ride the bull even after she begged him not to, going as far as to never speak to him again. You followed after her, your heart clenching as you realized that she had feelings for Lucas. You had fallen hopelessly for her bad girl persona but when you got to know her, the real her, you knew you were in deep.

You followed her to a rock that she sat on, you joining her as you both watched at a distance for Lucas who was starting his turn on the bull. You both watching intently, you were honestly afraid that Lucas would get hurt.

You looked down at your feet, it hurt even more when she technically admitted it. You let silence consume the two of you once more but after a minute or so, Maya broke it, asking you a question you never thought someone would ask. You bit your lip as you thought about her question, unsure of how you should answer. And way deep down she felt hurt a smidge, not really knowing why.

But she doubted that Lucas was the one you were crushing on, you acted too much like siblings for there to be any romantic connection. Maya listened carefully at the description, thinking of who you could possibly be taking about. You looked ahead to see that Lucas had done it, he had ridden the bull for more than three seconds, he won.

You took a deep breath before letting the truth come out. Maya sat there in shock, completely forgetting about everything else. No, yes, god she had so much on her mind now. So for the rest of the day you avoided being around her or being left alone with her.

She gave him a confused look and ushered him to explain what he meant. Do you know? She skipped right over and sat next to Zay, following along with what Maya was doing.

And you kne exactly what she was doing, trying to help Zay out with Vanessa. Which you decided to help with as well, joing Riley and Maya shortly after. He unhooked the arms he had around Riley and Maya and then removed yours, sitting up straight as to clear up the situation. Riley smiled widely as she answered with some ridiculous answer, almost making you burst out into a fit of laughter that would have ruined everything.

So, the three of you aborted your mission, Farkle coming along with as you ran to join Lucas. Up front on the stage two lovely ladies came out to sing, their first song making you want to shrivel into a corner. Because they were singing a love song, of all the songs to sing. Vanessa came around looking for Zay, hoping to steal him away from the group.

That left you, Farkle, and the beginning of a love triangle. He looked at you confused, not understanding that you wanted to give them some space to talk about each other. You gave him a look and he caught on, nodding his head and standing up with you. I guess she was serious about this whole brother-sister thing. Maya tried to stop the three of you but Riley took care of it. She went to sit by Lucas, giving her a jump start to confess her feelings to Lucas.

You, on the other hand, could feel your heart wanting to leap out of your chest. And then Maya and Lucas were left alone to think about what just happened, neither knowing what to do. Everything felt awkward now, now they were just jumbled and confused about this. Lucas tried getting Maya to reveal her actual feelings but she only avoided it. Did she like Lucas? She sighed and let it all out, telling Lucas what she felt. Maya sighed and evaded the question, her gaze fixated on the fire in front of her.

But he tried again, until she stood up and got closer to him as she told him why she did it. And then it happened, as she shoved her face into his, he grabbed her cheeks to stop her, their faces at close proximity. She could feel his breath over her face and she swore that any second from now he was going to kiss her. In fact, being in this position made her realize what she truly felt.

And it made sense too, had it been you on that bull, she would have reacted the same way. You two were always looking out for the group, being the moral compass, and making sure nothing bad happened. And I guess it just felt easier to say she liked Lucas. She backed away from Lucas, looking at him as if she just had an epiphany. She left after that, on her way to find you and tell you that she felt the same way. She left Lucas alone, making him sigh before he moved around to put the fire out.

After ice cream, you, Riley, Farkle, and Zay went home, figuring that Maya and Lucas would already be inside. Maya was, she was sitting on the couch, patiently waiting for you to get home. Except before she could do anything, Maya got up and walked over to you. She rolled her eyes and sighed in frustration, she knew this might happen so she just let the truth out. You looked at her with wide eyes, unsure if what you heard was right.

So did everyone else, including Lucas who had arrived just in time. The same position she was in earlier, you even got the height, accept this time you kissed her. You forgot about the others until Riley spoke up, she was the first to express her shock. But she was also the first to congratulate the two of you, after all, she just wanted her best friend to be happy. Farkle was also really happy, he knew all along how this was going to play.

Even Lucas and Zay were happy, Zay because he no longer had to be in the middle of this. And Lucas was happy because although he liked Maya, his true feelings were for Riley and only Riley.

Đọc Truyện The poker and the Lover( Lucas Friar x reader)

Anonymous asked: Could you do one where there in taxes at the campfire and after Lucas moment thing she realizes her feelings for female reader? I hope it was to your liking! You watched Maya walk away after Lucas agreed to ride the bull even after she begged him not to, going as far as to never speak to him again. You followed after her, your heart clenching as you realized that she had feelings for Lucas.

Request: Hi! Can you please write Lucas Friar X Reader?

Request Masterlist. Lucas Friar liked you, he had liked you since he first saw you in Mr. Lucas thought you were just getting even more gorgeous. Regardless, during the two years, you had started to look at Lucas differently. So you brushed off your feelings and just continued to love your life.

Fandom Imagines — Farkle x Reader

You were lining up the shot, your focus was solely on the hoop aiming the ball to go in. Then an arm slithered around your stomach while a head rested in the room of your neck. The smell of their cologne let you know that it was only your incredibly sweet boyfriend. He pouted playfully, which you responded with a sarcastic eyeroll, making him laugh. He embraced you, holding you tightly against him. Listening to his heartbeat calmed you down, the steady pace keeping you focused on the closeness between you and him. You were carrying some paint for the posters for the upcoming basketball game, it got all over you. See More. About a multifandom x reader imagines blog, founded Aug 30th Subtitle Link Link Link Link.

lucas friar x reader

May 12, which has been superb. Lucas dating riley and lucas, when lucas rzepczynski, images, maya have real life. Which has not sabariana carpterner in real name here provisionally given to sort. Rowan blanchard and eleven become close serious and lucas dating in real-life, maya gay dating jonathan is standing on each other.

Originally posted by 80smileven.

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I walked off of the plane and into the airport to look for my mom, dad, and my two brothers. Oh where are my manners. My name is Caroline Howard and I am 13 years old.

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Keep reading. Warning s : Long, fluff, jealous! You liked Lucas Friar, and he was one of your best friends, and now the 6 of you were in Texas because of Riley and Maya. You had followed Maya after she found out that Lucas was gonna ride the bull. Maya sitting on the arm rest and you sitting next to Farkle and Zay. The two of you sit and talk then you see Riley come in.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4. Growth by cchampagnekisses reviews People change people. Old Maya and Texas Lucas are gone. The Witness by Laurenio reviews When Maya witnesses a shooting, neither she nor the police realize how serious the crime really is. But when someone comes after Maya again, a person from Maya's past enters her life again, this time to protect her.

Đọc Truyện The poker and the Lover(Lucas Friar x reader) của kittycatlover When (y/n)'s Tags: #drama #fanfiction #girlmeetsworld #love #lucas #texas.








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