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Get your ex girlfriend back after begging

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By Chris Seiter. If I got on my hands and knees right now and begged you to buy my book would you? In other words, if you are looking to get over your ex girlfriend then this is not the page for you. I thought you would get a kick out of the fact that I put a little arrow and heading showing where a gnat was in this picture. Anyways, what if I told you that a man who begs for his ex girlfriend back is the equivalent of a gnat to her.

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What To Do If You Begged For Your Ex Girlfriend Back (And She Said NO…)

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There was a period of emotional turmoil and weakness and you begged for an ex-girlfriend to come back into the fold of a relationship. With that in mind, is it still a possibility of winning her back after begging and getting turned down? Let us take a closer look at the act of begging an ex-girlfriend and how to proceed and recover after employing this tactic.

A major dynamic of relationships is based on value perception. So, when you first start dating someone, they tend to think the world of you…you have a high level of perceived value in their eyes. This can be due to various factors that were at the root cause of the break up such as lying, cheating, or any other host of issues. If she was the one who decided to dump the relationship, this value perception has shifted even more toward her favor.

If she was the only one who felt that the relationship needed to end and is no longer needed in her life, then she has the power of choice. Meaning, she gets to negotiate from a position of strength or simply gets to move on. With this being the case, when a guy goes begging to get his ex-girlfriend back and she has an already lowered perceived value of him, is pleading for her back going to help him succeed in actually getting her back?

She will either consciously or unconsciously have a lowered perception of value of the guy after he begs. The woman can prepare herself to move forward with her life and feel secure in knowing that she can get the man back whenever she wants. She gets to have her cake and eat it too. Why is this a bad thing? Humans have a tendency to place a high value on things that are rare and not easily obtained, such as certain gems, that have no real practical value beyond decoration.

Think of some other traits, such as being too available or needy. Being obsessed and chasing something that used to exist. Are any of these attractive qualities? No, so why would a girl want to come back to a guy who is displaying these sorts of qualities to her? Desperation is fundamentally unattractive to both women and men. Not all breakups are created equal. This is the next question that needs to be posited, should a reconciliation even be attempted? The problem is, people tend to lose objectivity, and their decisions get clouded by strong emotions.

I take the same tact at the end of every relationship, I allow myself some time to feel bad, get myself together, and think about whether or not I need to try to get back together with the girl or not. Also, each time I prepare myself to be ready for the relationship to end for good. As individuals, we must accurately assess the reality of the situation and be able to come to the conclusion that best fits our circumstances. Is it worth trying to fix this broken relationship? Are we currently just too emotional or feeling like we have no direction in life?

Are these issues actually fixable? Is she willing to do the same? Deep down, is getting back together even actually what you truly desire?

If there is a lot of doubt and confusion about what to do after taking the time to think about it, the best bet may be to move on. Take time out, with as few emotions involved as possible, to ask yourself these questions and any others that are relevant. Now, is it probable? That depends on a number of variables that is going to be unique to your own situation.

You may still have feelings for her but find that it is best to not be with her for whatever reason s. The likelihood of her coming back is going to depend on how much damage was done in the post-breakup period or during the end of the relationship itself.

For some guys reading this, there are circumstances that are a pretty easy fix. The woman has her own life, desires, worries, and plans for the future. These may or may not include you. So, even if you do everything correctly, she may decide that she want no part of it.

This is another reason why we work on accepting whatever outcome may come from the process. As, we cannot control all of the variables, outside of ourselves. In order to reverse the trend, some changes are obviously going to need to be made. The specific improvements needed, will depend on the guy.

For some of you, there are emotional issues to work through. Other guys, need to control their anger, or learn to trust other people. For many guys, this can come in the form of getting better in terms of physical appearance, lifestyle, job or social status. Things started off promising and later became stagnant. If a woman has no reason to find a man attractive, she is not going to pursue him, nor will she be excited about being pursued.

The self-improvement kick, should last well into the actual process of trying to get back together with the ex-girlfriend But, plenty of work should be done during a period of no contact. Yes, begging can hurt chances in the short-term, but in the long term it matters much less than what you can offer the other person.

I mean, if you someone who getting back together with will greatly improve her life, would she not take the opportunity because you once begged? Of course not. The key is righting the ship and recovering as a better version of yourself. September 24, Published by: admin. September 19, Published by: admin. September 17, Published by: admin. August 8, Published by: admin. August 5, Published by: admin. July 15, Published by: admin. July 14, Published by: admin. Ex Back or Move On.

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You Desperately Begged For Him Back And Failed… I’m Here To Fix That

There was a period of emotional turmoil and weakness and you begged for an ex-girlfriend to come back into the fold of a relationship. With that in mind, is it still a possibility of winning her back after begging and getting turned down? Let us take a closer look at the act of begging an ex-girlfriend and how to proceed and recover after employing this tactic.

To post a reply login or register. She broke up with me 6 weeks ago, because i became clingy and focused on posession instead of true emotional connection like we had at the beginning. I first wrote her a message of apology of all the things i did wrong, which got a good response initally.

We all live and learn, and sometimes when a person is going through an emotional situation, a challenging situation, sometimes they will make mistakes in their communication and behavior and they might even learn from that. When you talk to you ex about the fact that you were begging and pleading, you can laugh and say that we all make mistakes in life. I was being a bit silly and I now look back and laugh at how I reacted. From then on, you just need to be a confident, masculine man in every interaction that you have with her, and she will then begin to respect you again.

How to Get Your Ex Back After Begging and Pleading

I got so upset over the idea of losing you that I reacted like an immature child. I get that now. We all learn from our mistakes and become better people as a result. You will see for yourself that I really have changed. I was still a respectful beggar. I was a standing beggar. The point of using humor is to get rid of the seriousness of the situation and make her feel attracted to your ability to make her laugh when she is being so closed off to you. Women are naturally attracted to guys who can do that, so a small spark of attraction will be created between you and her at that moment.

Can I Get My Ex Back After Begging And Pleading?

If you begged and pleaded with your ex after the breakup and pushed your ex away, try not to worry too much right now. Whenever you feel anxious, tell yourself that your begging was an emotional response and that there is no changing the past. Most dumpees, unfortunately, do some begging to stay in a relationship. They beg and plead when the pain of the rejection overcomes their logical thinking and so they act completely on instinct.

By Chris Seiter.


NC after begging and pleading?



How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back After Begging


Okay, so you begged your ex girlfriend to take you back and now she's ignoring you. He's trying to make you change your mind about him and give him another Women only see niceness as charming and sexy when it's coming from a.








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