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Facebook api get friends birthday

While this is probably the right move for users, Facebook OAuth is less and less relevant. We see a trend across our customer deployments: more people are choosing Google as an OAuth provider over Facebook than ever before. Google will overtake Facebook this year. Other companies in our space Janrain in particular have confirmed this.

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facebook birthday api

While you can still export upcoming events — parties, get-togethers, and the like — the ability to save birthdays disappeared recently, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Digital Trends. Birthdays are one of the few pieces of personal data required to start a new Facebook account. The social networking giant has expanded birthday-related features over the years , allowing users to raise money for a cause on their birthday or create personalized videos to wish someone a happy birthday. But birthday reminders are also something that tether many people to Facebook.

Facebook, it seems, owns that data. According to a Wayback Machine archive, the same page said you could export birthdays as recently as April. When Facebook bought Giphy, it bought our emotions too 12 hours ago. A wayward Chinese rocket reportedly rained metal debris in West Africa 2 days ago. Why is the CDC still using fax machines in its coronavirus response? Facebook and Twitter will have an hour to remove criminal content in France 2 days ago.

The Senate is OK with the government spying on your browser history 2 days ago. Microsoft wants to make Outlook for Web a lot more like Gmail 2 days ago. Trump extends Huawei ban until next May 2 days ago.

Using Expo’s Facebook API

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While you can still export upcoming events — parties, get-togethers, and the like — the ability to save birthdays disappeared recently, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Digital Trends. Birthdays are one of the few pieces of personal data required to start a new Facebook account.

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There are many birthday related facebook application. Most of this type application provide feature like, they show you the upcoming birthdays of your friends. Some of the app also send notification to user before any birthday of his friends come. Solution 1: First you have to collect the uids friends uid of user and then get their info by api. You have to ask your friend through your application to allow the birthdate extended permission. Sorry for sounding like a noob, I do not understand from where we have to execute these, could you please guide me in the right direction. I have an application which shows logged in users friends upcoming birthday, i have made it by using graph api javascript sdk, so it works very well before some days, but suddenly it stops to work from before 10 to 15 days without any change in application , so i have tried to trace it, but i didnt get any bug in the application, and funniest thing is, it works for one of my dummy id friend count — 52 and not works for my original id friend count — — plz help me if you known to this issue.

User Friends

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment before press time. Only if a person agreed to provide access to that information would they be able to log in and use the app or site. The bar could ask for more information, like when each friend was born, where they work, their political views and their hometown. The data Facebook made available The below images list all the Facebook information, beyond public profile information like name and gender, that a developer could request from the person signing into their account. In many ways, the data that Facebook allowed developers to access is not so different from the data that companies like credit-reporting firms collect and make available for ad targeting.

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The ID of this person's user account. This ID is unique to each app and cannot be used across different apps. Our upgrade guide provides more information about app-specific IDs.

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Home About Us Contact Us. Fetch friends birthday using facebook graph api v2. In v2. It's no longer possible for an app to see data from a person's friends unless those friends have also logged into the app and granted permission for the app to see it that data.

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Never Forget A Friend’s Birthday with Python, Flask and Twilio

In this tutorial you will learn how to fetch your facebook friends birthday details using php and fql. I have used facebook query language fql to retrieve the information with the facebook library class. Create a new facebook application in order to run this demo. If you want to learn how to create new application or learn the basics of the facebook api then see my previous tutorial about facebook login with php and facebook sdk. Setup the configuration file with application id and secret key along with the site url and user permission to the application.

Apr 28, - Same here, one of your competitors ;) What are you doing with the Graph API 2.X in your app? You can only get the birthdays for friends who.


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How to fetch your facebook friends birthday using php and fql




Facebook no longer lets you save your friends’ birthdays to your own calendar



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