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Does every girl get period cramps

Despite the fact that the pain made it so hard for me to go to work, it took me a year to tell my boss. And I hardly mentioned it to my closest friends and family. Dysmenorrhea, the technical term for extreme period pain, is a common problem. But unlike the skiing-aficionado in your office who excitedly explains how he broke his arm on the slopes, many menstruating women grimace through their pain in silence. In , I was surprised to find myself as one of these silent sufferers. I bled heavily for 12 to 30 days at a time, often with only days of a break in between.

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Period pain: why do so many women suffer from menstrual cramps in silence?

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We never sell data. We all have different experiences of period cramps. While some women are as regular as clockwork and can predict their cramps right down to the day, others might be lucky enough to rarely or never experience the pain of period cramps.

They are something many of us expect and plan for, like the menstrual bleeding itself, but we rarely have time to stop and think: what actually causes period cramps and why are they a necessary, if painful, part of our cycle? The medical name for period cramps is Dysmenorrhea. They happen due to a hormone-like substance, prostaglandins, which causes the uterus walls to contract and then shed its lining, resulting in your period. If prostaglandin levels are higher, more pain is often associated with the cramps.

This varies from woman to woman, but cramps are likely to become less painful as you get older, or after childbirth. There are a few other conditions that can cause cramps.

Treating these conditions will help stop the symptoms. These conditions include:. In most cases, period cramps are a sign of a healthy body reacting to the natural shedding of the uterus wall. Saying goodbye to hormones is a great way to get to know your body better.

Typically the cramping pain starts in the lower abdomen one to two days before menstrual bleeding begins. It then peaks after 24 hours and may last for a further two to three days after that. Some women can also experience nausea, an upset stomach or dizziness, as well as pain in their lower back and thighs. For other women, period cramps may feel like a mild yet constant pain. Those with irregular cycles or heavy bleeding are more likely to experience severe period cramps.

If you have mild period pain, aspirin or ibuprofen can provide pain relief. Heat treatment like taking a warm bath or placing a hot water bottle on the back or stomach can also help soothe symptoms. Preventative measures such as avoiding alcohol, caffeine and tobacco in the days leading up to your period may also reduce the symptoms of menstrual cramps, while regular exercise is proven to reduce period pain.

We hope you now understand what causes period cramps and why they are a healthy part of your menstrual cycle. As Medical Affairs Manager, he dedicates his time to conducting groundbreaking research and educating healthcare professionals.

Keep Reading: Related Articles. Reproductive Health. This small skinfold is often regarded as an indicator of virginity across cultures. However, the gap between medical knowledge of the hymen and our cultural interpretation of its role is vast. While not affecting all women, ovulation pain, also known as Mittelschmerz meaning middle pain in German affects many women during their menstrual cycles. Read on to find out the symptoms and causes of ovulation pain, as well as why knowing your menstrual cycle is key to understanding your fertility.

I understand Use necessary cookies only. Jan 31, 2 min read. Scientifically Reviewed. Summary Cramps are caused by the uterus lining contracting and shedding Pain varies from woman to woman but tends to lessen as we get older Accompanying symptoms are often an upset stomach, nausea or back pain In most cases cramps are healthy, but sometimes are a sign of an underlying condition Keeping track of symptoms is a great way to get to know your cycle better.

What are period cramps? What do period cramps feel like? Tracking and treating period cramps If you have mild period pain, aspirin or ibuprofen can provide pain relief.

Sign Up. How does it work? Mar 19, 3 min read. Aug 20, 4 min read. Reproductive Health Ovulation Pain Explained While not affecting all women, ovulation pain, also known as Mittelschmerz meaning middle pain in German affects many women during their menstrual cycles.

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Menstrual Cramps

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NCBI Bookshelf. Many girls and women have problems like abdominal cramps and pain during their menstrual period. Although menstruation is a normal part of a woman's life, severe period pain need not be.

Twelve-year-old Cindy woke up one morning and felt familiar pain in her lower belly. She knew what it was and grumbled, "Oh, no. Here comes another period. Cindy started her period over a year ago. She's learned to handle using pads and tampons, but the cramps are really bothering her.

Period cramps 101: Why menstrual cramps happen, and how to relieve them

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What Causes Period Cramps?

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Menstrual cramps are painful sensations that affect many women before and during a menstrual period. The pain, also known as dysmenorrhea or period pains, ranges from dull and annoying to severe and extreme.

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Menstrual cramps dysmenorrhea are throbbing or cramping pains in the lower abdomen. Many women have menstrual cramps just before and during their menstrual periods. For some women, the discomfort is merely annoying. For others, menstrual cramps can be severe enough to interfere with everyday activities for a few days every month.

What to know about menstrual cramps

The technical term for period pain is dysmenorrhoea. If you have dysmenorrhoea you are not alone. You can suffer from period pain from your early teens right up to the menopause.


Why do some girls have menstrual cramps and others don’t?


Menstrual cramps can be a monthly trial for many people when they approach available from the doctor and what you can do at home to lessen their impact. sensations that affect many women before and during a menstrual period. If symptoms get progressively worse, or if they start over the age of 25 years, it is a.


Period Cramps


Period pain






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