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Do you need a visa for the isle of man

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Visa to pass through the UK in transit

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Travelling to the Isle of Man Ferry is a quick, easy and stress free way to get there and back again. With the latest Isle of Man Ferry crossing information and timetables for all sailings to and from the Isle of Man ferry port of Douglas to Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, Larne or Liverpool Birkenhead including information on the ferry ports and useful tourist information about the destinations our detailed route and city maps will help you plot your Isle of Man Ferry ferry journey.

If are travelling to the Isle of Man ferry port of Douglas to Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, Larne or Liverpool Birkenhead then book a ferry crossing with Isle of Man Ferry and arrive at your destination refreshed, relaxed and happy.

The price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden extras or surprises such as added fuel surcharges or booking fees and we do not charge you anything extra for paying with a Visa Electron card. The price we quote you for your selected Isle of Man Ferry route, onboard accommodation and vehicle type is all you will pay, and that's a promise.

To obtain a Isle of Man ferry ticket price and book your ferry ticket securely online please use the real time ferry booking form on the left. Beginning with the hunters and gatherers of the Mesolithic period and through the New Stone Age. The island then moved on to pass through the Bronze Age with its burial mounds and improved tools.

It went through the Celtic Iron Age with its forts and roundhouses. Soon after, Christianity hit the Manx shores, changing many of its old beliefs. The Vikings followed bringing new ways of living as they settled on the island with the Celts. The people of the Isle of Man would be ruled by Norse the English and Scots, living through times of war and peace.

The monuments they left behind around the coasts, hills and countryside allow us to understand more about how these people once lived. From the Celts and Vikings began a way of life, which evolved into a culture. Around the island home they once lived in, follow the history which became known as Manx. The Isle of Man's Economy started out with Celtic settlers.

These simple people made small farms with basic livestock and fished in nearby streams and rivers. As time moved on farming skills improved and soon the harbours could be seen filled with small fishing boats. The fishing trade expanded into exports of herring and even took in a little smuggling. Agriculture grew into a business, seeing cows and sheep massively out numbering the people.

Times changed and the island saw an end to smuggling. Fishing too lost some of its boom. The Isle of Man had to change its direction. Move into new lines to push the economy forward. Tourism was the next big thing and it proved very good for the island. Railways were made, towns grew to support the ever increasing numbers of tourists and shipping became a new driving force for the island. Modern times saw cars taking tourists to the continent and cheap flights to far away foreign destinations and the Isle of Man began to lose some of its shine as a beach holiday location.

To keep the economy from ruin, changed had to be made. Changes to tax rates and laws for businesses pushed the Isle of Man into a new economy. One of international proportions, which developed the island into a finance centre. Today the island finds its economy mainly based around financial services. Agriculture and fishing still prove a valued asset, as do other smaller industries.

Where exactly is the 'Isle of Man'? It is about 77 miles northwest of Liverpool, England. Is it easy to get around the island? Whether you bring your vehicle on the boat, rent a car, ride on public buses, or use the vintage transport.

The Isle of Man operates much like any place in the UK. Does the island have places for Kids? Indeed it does. Most of the 'Story of Mann' is designed with kids or families in mind. There are also beaches, pools, and water sports. Cinemas, ten pin bowling, and much more. The island also has an extensive wildlife park. Wildlife Park. Does everyone on the island speak Manx? The everyday language of the Isle of Man is British English.

Few people speak the native Manx Language. Manx Language. Is the Isle of Man part of the UK? No, the Isle of Man is a crown dependency which has its own laws, courts, and government. The Government on the Isle of Man is a parliament called Tynwald. What entertainment is there on the island? The island has many pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as a Victorian theatre, casino and arts centre. There is something for everyones tastes available throughout the year.

Are there many options for shopping? There is a variety of shopping available on the island, from well known UK high street shops, to local craft, art and woollen shops. Tynwald Mills and Craft Centre. What currency do I need for my visit? The Isle of Man uses pound sterling, the same as the UK. It does however print its own notes and coins, which look slightly different to the UK equivalent.

Currency from the UK is perfectly acceptable to use on the island. Do I need my passport to visit the island? The Isle of Man is part of the common travel area for the UK.

So there is no need to carry a passport if you are coming from the travel area of the UK, Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands. However many airlines do require passengers to show photo ID before boarding the plane. That would be The Isle of Man issues its own stamps and though they may look like or even be priced the same as in the UK, you will need to buy Manx Stamps to send letters from the Island.

Will I be able to bring my caravan to the Island? The Isle of Man does not allow trailer caravans on the Island without a permit. Motor Caravans are welcomed. There is a mix of culture and people living on the Isle of Man. From the native Manx to immigrants from South Africa, the island is as mixed as the United Kingdom and flourishes because of it. Most people are of Irish, Welsh, Scottish and British descent, but this is expected due to the location of the island between the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The island has seen large numbers of immigrants in recent years, but there are still plenty of locals. The Manx are of Celtic and Viking descent. This has greatly effected the culture on the island, which has strong roots in Celtic and Viking traditions. The standard of living on the island is very good.

There is almost no unemployment and strong community spirit. Many compare life on the island to be much like it is in northern England or Wales, and they would not be far wrong. The Isle of Man is a scene of small sea side towns and villages with a quiet and more relaxed way of life.

Where things get done in their own time. The Isle of Man has a very low crime rate. This could be due to a mixture of low unemployment and high community spirit. The island does tend to take a very hard line on criminal offences. Even small crimes are often given high fines or jail time.

There is a National Health scheme on the Isle of Man that resembles that of the UK, but does not have the long waiting lists. Most of the general treatments and surgeries are done on the island, but for more complicated procedures the Isle of Man Government sends patients to the UK for private treatment there.

One minor difference is that French is taught from 8 years old. The Isle of Man is a beautiful Island with breathtaking scenery, unspoilt beaches and a relaxed pace of life.

By plane or ferry boat, it's within easy reach of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. For the thousands of visitors who are welcomed there year after year, it's an unforgettable holiday and short break destination. It is also a great place to holiday, live and work. The Isle of Man means different things to different people. To the locals it means a safe and stimulating place to bring up a young family.

Good schools, a relaxed pace of life, locally produced food and lots to interest the children. Take a guided wildlife tour and discover the incredible diversity of wildlife. Recently there have been sightings of large pods of dolphins in Ramsey, Douglas and Peel. Also, the Isle of Man is the destination of choice for many birds during the winter.

Visitor Information

The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom, but its immigration system is aligned with the UK system and many routes are similar. The system allows people with a close connection to the Isle of Man to live there; it also promotes the migration of individuals and businesses likely to be of benefit to the Isle of Man. Due to the close geographical and historical connections between the Isle of Man and the UK, natives of the Isle of Man are full British citizens.

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My friends and I are planning to visit uk this July. We are from the Philippines and we already have our UK visa. We understand that we need to get a separate visa to visit Isle of Man. We didn't apply for one from the British Embassy as we find the fee not worth it, for just a day trip to Isle of Man via ferry from Liverpool.


The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency and as such, is entitled to, and uses the services of British Embassies, Visa Application Centres and other diplomatic offices around the world for immigration. Applicants must apply online from their country of residence for Entry Clearance to the Isle of Man. Whilst immigration rules are very similar to the UK, they are not identical, so it is important that you understand the process. To put this simply, travel between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom is an internal domestic journey, so there is no separate immigration needed. There are many types of Visas that allow you to work in the Isle of Man. Each visa has different criteria for acquirement:. This visa allows you to live and work in the Isle of Man and can be applied for after your employment has been confirmed by an Isle of Man employer. This visa allows your family members to apply for a visa and join you in the Isle of Man, and it allows you to travel abroad and return to the UK.

Vietnam Visa for Isle of Man Citizens

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Although the Isle of Man is not part of the UK, British overseas missions process visas on its behalf; fees for the Isle of Man visitor visas are the same as for UK visitor visas. Though dependent on the UK, the Isle of Man has its own set of immigration and visa rules and visitors to the island may require separate visas than those for entry to the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. However, visitors from other places will reach the UK or Republic of Ireland first and so must comply with British or Irish immigration formalities before travelling to the Isle of Man. You can bring a pet dog, cat or ferret onto the Isle of Man from a rabies-free country or a country with a low incidence of rabies if the pet has been resident there for at least six months, has been microchipped and has been vaccinated at least 21 days prior to entry.

Isle of Man Ferry

Visa on arrival VOA is the best and easiest way to get a visa to Vietnam for Isle of Man passport holders traveling to Vietnam by air as it is completely done online without document or travel. The Vietnam visa fees for holders of Isle of Man passport vary depending on the way of visa application. Less than 3 working days processing. Start your Vietnam visa on arrival application today through our secure simple online form which takes you less than 5 minutes!

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Currently, we cannot help you process this tourist visa. You will need to contact the embassy nearest you to get more information. Safe Travels! It is not frequented by hordes of tourists like some places, making the Isle even more serenely beautiful. The quiet and endless beaches of the Isle of Man create a wonderful ambiance for rest and relaxation.

Isle of Man visa for American passport holders

Across shadowed waters lies a hidden Island. A place where tradition is buried within extraordinary stories, passed from generation to generation and secrets sweep the hilltops and villages, ready to unfold. In the far North lies a town of hidden delights, where secret coves wait and strange creatures roam. Cloaked by emerald hilltops, sapphire waters and taught roads there is much to be discovered. Waves flock to the coastline, bringing tales of a world beyond the Irish horizon, uttering tales from a nest of Gaelic Tongues. Nestled in the beautiful South, are the tiniest fishing villages.

Visa service. Isle of Man tourist and business visa application, requirements and information - Get a Isle of Man Visa Today! Do I need a Isle Of Man visa?

The stay is usually short stay with a period of days and visa expires in days. Applicant is required to be present when applying for visa and a total of 9 documents are required. Visa Required. Get Visa advice. The visa application process involves fill in the application form, print out your form and book an appointment from the consulate depending on the availability.

Isle of Man Visa and Passport Requirements

Travelling to the Isle of Man Ferry is a quick, easy and stress free way to get there and back again. With the latest Isle of Man Ferry crossing information and timetables for all sailings to and from the Isle of Man ferry port of Douglas to Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, Larne or Liverpool Birkenhead including information on the ferry ports and useful tourist information about the destinations our detailed route and city maps will help you plot your Isle of Man Ferry ferry journey. If are travelling to the Isle of Man ferry port of Douglas to Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, Larne or Liverpool Birkenhead then book a ferry crossing with Isle of Man Ferry and arrive at your destination refreshed, relaxed and happy.

Visa policy of the United Kingdom

It is the responsibility of any person making an application for entry clearance or to vary their leave to satisfy themselves that they meet the requirements for the category to which they are applying before making such an application. The Isle of Man Immigration Service strongly recommends each applicant seeks their own independent legal advice from a person qualified to give immigration advice. Accordingly, its officers are unable to give advice on immigration matters as this could result in a conflict of interest when considering an application which might be made. Instead they are assessed at the point of entry into the United Kingdom.



Isle of Man visa



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