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Baby girl and boy spanish names

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You might be reading this post because you are blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Holding your little angel in your hands is one of the best things that can happen in your life. And, to add more charm and luck to the moment, you should give your baby the right name. Finding perfect and uncommon Spanish girl names is not an easy job. Here are a few interesting girl names inspired by a variety of cultures and traditions around Spain.


Spanish Names

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Are you expecting in ? Whether you are expecting a boy or girl, choosing a baby name can be challenging.

If you are looking for a name with Spanish influence, here are some adorable names perfect for little boys or little girls. Adriana is the feminine form of Adrien, which is from the Latin Adrianus. Most famously known with the name Adirana is model, Adriana Lima.

Most well known with the name Alejandro is musician, Alejandro Manzano — the Puerto Rican musician best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist and pianist for the all-brother band Boyce Avenue. It is both a personal name and a surname, and would make a very sweet name for a little boy.

Most famously known with the name Andres is director, Andres Muschietti. The name Cruz is a unisex name, but most commonly used as a male name. Athlete, Lleyton Hewitt also chose the name Cruz for their son born in Diego is also popularly bestowed as an independent given name for little boys. Actor, John Turturro chose the name Diego for his son born in Popular nicknames for the name include: Es, Essy, Esme, and Emmy. Esmeralda was born in September of Most famously known with the name Estella is Estella Warren actress.

Javier is the Spanish spelling of the masculine name Xavier. Lola is also a short form of the unrelated German name Aloisia. The name Lorenzo is an Italian and Spanish masculine given name of Latin origin. Lourdes is a town in southwestern France, that was popularized as a given name after St. Bernadette experienced visions of the Virgin Mary there in Most famously known with the name Lourdes include: Lourdes Benedicto actress , and Lourdes Ciccone Leon — daughter to pop singer Madonna.

Lourdes took up acting and fashion design when she was young and then went into music herself, like her mother. Most famously known with the name Magdalena includes: Magdalena Frackowiak model , Magdalena Gessler tv chef , and Magdalena Graaf model. Common nicknames for the name Mateo include: Teo, Mo, and Mat. Most famously known with the name Mateo is Mateo Arias actor.

The name Miguel is used by both the Spanish and Portuguese. Mike Tyson athlete also chose the name Miguel for his son born in The name Mila is the female name that is a diminutive of Slavic names beginning or ending with Mila.

Marisol is a popular Spanish name composed from Maria and Soledad solitude. Most famously known with the name Nina is actress Nina Dobrev.

There are various spellings of the name, depending on language. One of the most popular alternative spellings of the name is Raphael. Celebs Ana Ortiz as well as Guy Ritchie both chose the name Raphael for their sons who were born in Celebs Maggie Gyllenhaal actress and Peter Sarsgaard actor chose the name Ramona for their daughter born in It is most commonly used as a boys name, however it is also a girls name, too. Celeb Tom Dumont musician chose the name Rio for his son born in Most famously known with the name Santiago includes: Santiago Segura screenwriter , Santiago Cabrera actor , and Santiago Casilla athlete.

In , actress Eva Longoria chose the name for her first born son. The name Savannah is Spanish in origin. Most famously known with the name Savannah include: Savannah Chrisley reality star and Savannah Guthrie news anchor. Celebs Marcia Cross as well as Stephen Seagal both chose the name Savannah for their daughters born in and , respectively. The name Sierra is Spanish in origin.

Celeb Dwyane Wade athlete chose the name Xavier for his son born in Baby Names. By: Jessica Jowett in Baby on December 6, Up Next on Childhood Related on Childhood. Childhood is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. All Rights Reserved.

100 most popular Hispanic baby names of 2011

Are you expecting in ? Whether you are expecting a boy or girl, choosing a baby name can be challenging. If you are looking for a name with Spanish influence, here are some adorable names perfect for little boys or little girls. Adriana is the feminine form of Adrien, which is from the Latin Adrianus.

The Mexicans are locally known as Mexicanos. While Mexico saw many invasions and rulers in the past, it gained independence after the Mexican Revolution. The name comes from a Spanish and Portuguese heritage, where it is also a variation of the name Joseph.

Although parents still love the names Santiago , Sebastian , Sophia , and Isabella , which held onto their lead this year, we have some very interesting changes to report for this year's top — for example, the huge leap in popularity made by some names. Who replaced them? Victoria squeaked in at number 10, and Luciana ranked 7th. Also, about a dozen names made their debut on the top list this year, including Amelia , Rafaela , Adriana, Irene, Silvana , and Elizabeth. Some of this year's biggest winners, making huge jumps up the list, were Ariana from 71 to 29 , Ivanna formerly 88, now at 45 , and Michelle up from 87 to

Spanish Baby Names baby names starting with a

Choosing a name for your future child can be quite the challenge. After all, there are so many sources of inspiration. Similarly, if honoring your heritage is the priority, then you may want to look at names that come for your ethnic origins. Here, just a sampling of traditional and beautiful boy names with Spanish roots. Shakespeare had a fondness for the moniker including characters named Antonio in five of his plays. Many Javiers go by the nickname Javi. In the bible, Raphael was one of the seven archangels, and one of only three mentioned by name. James is the patron saint of Spain, and several Latin American cities are named Santiago in his honor. Babies named Jorge are often nicknamed Yoyi.

18 Traditional Spanish Names For Boys

Searching for the perfect Spanish baby name? De nada. Read More. Spanish: Of the nobility, noble; a diminutive form of Adela. During the Mexican Revolution in the early twentieth century, adelitas

Then why not name him after a star of the big screen? You have big hopes for your little scholar.

A discussion of Spanish baby names for boys may bring to mind popular and timeless choices like Carlos and Enrique. Cool name, right? Elon would be great nickname. This is a good option if you still want something a bit unique.

200 Most Popular Mexican Baby Names For Girls and Boys

The spread of the Spanish language and culture began during the Spanish Empire when Spain sent explorers to expand its territory. Spanish baby names originate from many sources including history, literature, and religion. You may want to choose a Spanish name to honor your heritage or to pass down a family name.


Spanish baby names have become widely popular in the US. Unique names rank below the Top and are listed alphabetically. Isabella is the Latinate form of Isabel, a variation of Elizabeth which originally derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba. Variations Isabelle and Isabel are also popular, with the Scottish A place name with a deep Southern accent, the once-obscure Savannah shot to fame, with others of its genre, on the heels of the best seller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil , which

Spanish Baby Boy Names


Searching for the perfect Spanish baby name? From Diego to Miguel, Adriana to Despite its pasta associations, Alfredo remains a fairly popular boys name.


100 Beautiful Spanish Baby Names for Girls


100 Spanish Baby Names






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